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At one time, it was possible to achieve natural ventilation in the workplace and our homes simply by opening a window. 


But as the world becomes more concerned about our ever-rising energy costs, we have been concentrating on making our living space as energy efficient as possible. This results in contaminants such as unwanted chemicals in the environment or living organisms having no way to escape and creates very poor indoor air quality. 


The average individual spends approximately 90% of their time inside, indoor air pollution can actually be a bigger health risk than outdoor air pollution.

Not only does good ventilation protect you, your family and co-workers from unpleasant odours, irritating pollutants, and potentially dangerous gases like carbon monoxide but a well-designed and properly-operated ventilation system also prevents the growth of mould and mildew, which can cause or aggravate allergic reactions and lung problems such as asthma. 


A ventilation system works by exchanging stale, re-circulated indoor air with fresh, filtered outside air.


Meridian Ventilation is unique in that we have our own sheet metal workshop which is capable of producing a premium DW144 specified product tailored to your requirements as well as other bespoke sheet metal products. The result is a fast, made to measure and professional service.

What is metal fabrication?


Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures made by cutting, bending, and shaping metal to assemble a product. A good ventilation system is dependant on work such as this.


The process requires a skilled technician who has experience in taking raw components and transforming them into items specifically designed to fit a carefully measured space and there is very little room for error. 

Mostly, air conditioning and ventilation companies enlist an independent metal workshop to create ventilation ducts for them. This often requires buying in bulk and amending the size and quality of the product during the install. This can affect the efficiency of your unit and the running costs.


Meridian Ventilation has it’s own workshop with engineers holding 60 years of experience in their field.


This result’s in a made to measure service, that is far more cost effective, leaves a flawless finish and most importantly does not compromise the quality of the systems functionality. 

Our manufacturing equipment includes but is not limited to:

  • CNC plasma

  • Mig welding

  • Roll forming

  • Coil line – Duct former

  • Guillotine 

  • Folding

  • RAS duct zipping

  • Rollers

  • Henrob riveting

  • Spot welding

  • Punches




Made to order/All sizing options available

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Plenums / FCU / drip trays

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Made to order/All sizing options available

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